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How to braid hair algorithm

Hair braiding is a fun pastime that results in a clean and manageable hairstyle. One can leave a braid dangling down the back, braid hair many times to look more punk rock, braid small sections to add mystery, or twist a thick braid into a professional bun. Braiding becomes fast and simpler the more one practices, so grab some hair and have at it!
Note: To partake in this hobby, one must have hair that is longer than 1 inch to get a full enjoyment out of this activity.

Materials needed:
Hair that is longer than 1 inch (the longer the better!)
Hairbrush or comb
Hair bands to contain hair after braiding
Hairspray (optional)
See notes below

1) Grab a handful of hair
a. Option one: The whole head of hair secured at the base of the head with a thin band until one is more advanced in braiding. (Only available if hair reaches past the base of one’s neck)
b. Option two: A section of the hair. It is recommended that you then separate this section whether with its own band or by moving the rest of the hair aside.

2) Comb selected hair, making sure to remove all knots.

3) Separate selected section of hair into 3 equally thick parts, leaving the middle piece dangling. (Optional: Spray separate pieces with hairspray to minimize fly-away hairs)

4) Take one of the outer pieces, twist it over the middle piece and grab middle piece.

5) Second outer piece over new middle piece, grab middle piece.

6) Pull new outer pieces gently to tighten into shape

7) Repeat steps 4-6 until you’ve reached about half an inch from the end of the hair or until you cannot twist the hair anymore.

8) Secure with rubber band. (Optional: Spray with hairspray to maintain shape and minimize fly-away hairs)

• Ribbons can be included to add color. Simply add it to one of your sections and twist it in with the same section of hair every time.
• Large barrettes and bows can be added to the top or bottom of braid to make it fancier.
• Small, light clips can be added at intervals of the twists in the middle to make it elegant.

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