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Hobby Algorithm-How to Screen-print.

[Step 1] Gather materials from amazon or your local arts and craft store: (Printed design on transparent film, Screen mesh with frame, screen-print water based ink, 250 watt bulb with lamp, photo emulsion, 2 squeegees, screen tape, Heat gun, pressure washer, and a dark room with a filtered bulb.
[Step 2] Screen Preparation: Go to the dark room with the screen mesh, photo emulsion, squeegee, and pour a healthy amount of emulsion over the screen mesh. Use the squeegee and swipe up and down to evenly spread the emulsion across the screen. Use the squeegee to swipe away excess emulsion. Wait 15-20 minutes for the emulsion to dry and clean the squeegee.
[Step 3] Film Transfer: Go to the dark room with the transparent design, the 250 watt bulb, screen tape, and take the dried emulsion screen out. Place the transparent design film on the center of the screen mesh and use the screen tape to secure the design. Switch on the 250 watt lamp and hang it directly over your transparent design. Wait 10 minutes, take the film off and switch off the lamp.
[Step 4] Exposing the design: Go outside with the exposed design and pressure washer. Plug in the washer, aim it at the center of the screen, and switch it on. Hold down the trigger, spray up and down the screen until design is exposed. Wait 10 minutes for screen to dry and put away pressure washer.
[Step 5] Printing: Place desired item on flat surface, place screen over desired item and pour ink over the screen. Use the squeegee and swipe up once to flood ink through the screen. Lay screen on desired item and with the squeegee swipe down firmly to push the ink through the screen.
[Step 6] Drying: Lift the screen up and switch on the heat gun. Aim it at the design and keep the heat gun about a foot away from the design. Do this for 5 minutes and clean up.
Repeat [Steps 1-4] for a different design.
Repeat [Steps 5-6] until you’re happy.

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