Hobby Algorithm – Calligraphy

Step 1. Gather materials that you need to start writing calligraphy.

(Calligraphic writing tool, ink, paper, smooth sturdy surface, seat of comfortable height, and ruler)

Step 2. Choose a pen; brush pen, a fountain or cartridge pen, or a dip pen.

(For beginners, a regular pen could suffice to practice)

Step 3. Choose practice paper

(Because of the ink, choosing the type of paper is essential to prevent ink from seeping through)

Step 4. Make practice lines on your paper with a ruler.

(Creating lines can help you keep consistency when you are practicing)

Step 5. Before writing, understand the letters.

(Understand the baseline, ascending line, waistline, and descending line)

Step 6. Learn and practice a downward stroke.

(One of the two main strokes in calligraphy)

Step 7. Learn and practice the basic curve.

(The second of the two main strokes in calligraphy)

Step 8. Practice other basic strokes.

(Parallel and diagonal lines while keeping the nib at an angle)

Step 9. Now you ready to dip the pen in ink.

(Dip pointed end of nib into ink and hold until ink reaches ¾ up from the tip. Then tap the nib on the rim of ink bottle to shake off lingering ink)

Step 10. Hold the pen horizontally.

(Hold pen against paper horizontally about 30-degree angle. Do not grip the pen too tightly. Make sure to hold pen same way as a normal pen, just at an angle.

Step 11. Write some letters with the dip pen.

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