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UrbanWorld Film Festival 2016

Jean Elie told me to meet him in the city by Madame Tusssauds. The movie theatre right next to it is where the event was being held. Once I got there I went inside the movie theatre. Once I got to the floor of the event I saw Jean greeting people and directing them to the theatre where his film was to be showing. I made my way to Jean and he gave me my ticket. He then discussed with me the kind of shots he wanted and what he wanted me to do.

I went inside the theatre and set up my camera equipment. They had a small talk in the beginning about how everything will operate before they start showing the films. These were short films that had deep meaning to them. I made sure to get some footage of the audience applauding. After all of these films were shown they turned on the lights and called up the directors and actors in the films for a questioning panel.


They all talked about their films and afterwards Jean Elie went out to walk the red carpet and get interviewed by different channels. It was really amazing to be apart of and actually go to a film festival. I had never been to one before and it had given me inspiration to create my own films.


King Z3us Show at Webster Hall and Meeting Jean Elie

So one day as I’m working on projects for school Atlas gives me a call and tells me King Z3us has a show at Webster Hall. Also that Young M.A. is going to be there performing. I was excited! My videographer skills continued to grow and were leading me to more opportunities. Young M.A. is celebrity status now and I knew getting that footage would be beneficial to my YouTube channel. !llmind and Atlas were out in California working on record deals with some big labels so they weren’t going to be there.

The day came for the event and I made my way to Webster Hall. I got there early and went inside. It was an event called “Drop the Guns, Pick up the Mic.” It was an event to end gun violence. I got a text from King Z3us and his manager telling me that they were outside. I went outside and met them. I greeted King Z3us, his manger and his friends. Among his friends was one guy by the name of Jean Elie. We talked outside for a bit. He told me he was an actor and was in need of a videographer. He had an event coming up the next week called Urbanworld Film Festival 2016. He was premiering a film he had been working on.

It was time to go in. There was a large crowd inside it was amazing. After some a number of artist went up to perform soon came King Z3us’s turn to perform. I wanted to get multiple shots different angles. So I stayed within the crowd for some shots then I got on the stage to get some shots from behind. It looked really amazing. The 50mm lens was really doing a great job. After King Z3us’s set some more artist went. At the end of the night the last artist to perform was featured artist Young M.A. I was amazed to get the chance to film her performance. I was another great gig.



Getting to know King Z3us

King Z3us is one of !llmind’s up and coming rappers. He has a great sound. He had recently dropped a single called “Pistol Whip.” Atlas told me Z3us had an interview coming up with a podcast station and I should be there to get some BTS (behind the scenes) footage. I definitely said yes. He gave me King Z3us’s information and the location of the interview spot in Manhattan.

I make it to the place where we were to meet. We talk a little bit and tells me he’s glad that I came out. His brother soon arrives. We then go inside. We meet these two women. One of them has the microphones and laptop all set up. The other woman had her camera rolling for footage like me. We all greeted each other and began the interview. She asked him about how he started his music career. Also he mentioned that he’s working on a new project called “The Chris Ferg Project.” While making this project he wants to get a lot of the making of footage for his fans to see. That is the reason why I’m there.

At the end of the interview they took pictures and it was great. We left and I learned that King Z3us was a really cool guy.

!llminds Birthday

!llmind’s Birthday had come up and he wanted to have a big event at the Knitting Factory where a bunch of artist performed. So there were a lot of artist there. They may not have been the top tier big names but they were well known and entertaining. That night !llmind and Atlas wanted me to film. I was prepared. I had my new lens and I didn’t need that annoying bright light that everyone would lift there hands up to block.

When I arrived at the event it was packed. There were a lot of fans that came out to support that night. I set my camera up and placed on the new lens. The adjustments were made to film in that setting. I couldn’t believe how clear and sharp the image was. I knew that when it was time for me to edit I would be very pleased with all of my work.

!llmind came out to start it off and let the fans here some new work. Then after his set there were number of others artist ready to take the stage. I filmed each of the artist sets. Especially AraabMuzik who has an amazing skill with the MPC. That night was amazing. The video below was a promo for the party and King Z3us also one of the artist that performed Ryan Mitchell Gray.

New Lens (Canon 50mm)

This internship helped me discover certain things that didn’t make sense to me while I had the class. I learned how to use the aperture and how different lenses have different f stops. I finally had the cash to get the lens I needed. I went to Best Buy to purchase the lens. I had my camera with me and couldn’t wait to try it out.

I had a friend with me that day as well. Soon as I left Best Buy I opened the box and attached the lens right away. I knew I wasn’t going to see how well it worked in low-light conditions just then. But, I still wanted to see how different the shots looked anyway. It took some getting used to because it was a prime lens and I couldn’t zoom in or out. I had to physically move myself away or closer to the subject.

I took a couple of shots of my friend. I was amazed at how the shots looked. I couldn’t wait to take it out to the next even. I felt so professional. My footage is going to look professional.  Canon 50mm Lens

#8020party (Turning Up the Fun)

It was time for the next #8020party and I still did not have the lens I needed. I did some research on what would be best to purchase. I watched a lot of YouTube videos describing different lenses. The 50 millimeter lens seemed to be the best choice. It was a prime lens which means it doesn’t have a zoom function. However, it had a 1.8 f stop,  which meant the aperture could open up a lot more taking in more light.

After I had done my research I made my decision. I was going to get a 50 millimeter lens. I began to save up. Best Buy was the store of choice for a good price.It was only one hundred and fifty. There are more expensive versions of the same lens but from doing my research they said it really didn’t matter.

The Tuesday before the next #8030party Atlas and !LLMIND told me about having some additives to the party to make it more exciting for the fans. They wanted to get a stop and repeat so the fans could take pictures in front of it. Also they wanted #8020party T-shirts. The font that I used for the video they wanted on the shirts. Girls would wear it and take pictures with the fans in front of the stop and repeat. For a final touch they ordered some muffins.

I set up the font for print. By thursday everything was set. They had a back  drop stop and repeat. I took photos and video that night. It was amazing. Everyone was having a great time.


RMG x King Z3US Youtube Music Night

!LLMIND and Atlas told me an event was coming up where one of the artist (King Z3us) was going to perform at the Youtube studio. It was on the same day I go in to record !llmind in the studio. They wanted me to shoot the day and make a quick recap video of what happened. When I came in they were getting ready to leave. I decided to shoot with !llminds camera a Canon Rebel T6i. I also used  his lens. I really wanted to see the difference it made using his equipment instead of mine. There was clearly a big difference and it made me realize I needed an upgrade.
I turned on the camera and we walked out. I started filming and following everyone out to the car. We got in and took a ride to Manhattan around Chelsea. We got there pretty early so we went to get some food in Chelsea market. Upstairs there is the YouTube studio we will be heading to. As we sat and ate they were still amazed with the video I presented to them, especially the music.
Afterwards, we headed to what appeared to be an elevator that was especially made for YouTube. We get on the elevator and when we come out I was amazed. There was a front desk with some snacks on it. The main feature of the room was the stage with a huge screen behind it showing the artist who would be performing for the night. There were large stairs that people could sit on facing the stage which was pretty cool. They took us back stage where there was a smorgasbord of sandwiches, beverages and snacks. I couldn’t wait to dig in! I thought this had to be the best internship ever, going to an event like this.  So I made sure to get all the behind the scenes footage I could. It was time to take a break so I ate. Soon the show was ready to start and there were other artist well known also going to perform.
My main job was to get the footage of !llmind’s artist King Z3us. But since I had extra space on my SD card I also got footage of the other artist. I used !llmind’s camera to film along with his lens. Everything came out a lot clearer than with my lens. I learned it was because of the f stop. My lens lowest f stop was 5.6 but this lens that I was using was 2.8. I was able to get a much clearer brighter shot in low light situations. So I came to the conclusion at the end of the night I needed a new lens if I were to continue this videography position.

Week 4 – #8020party (You want me to edit?)

The second #8020party I was there with not as many interns as before. The night went well. I did my best to take as many great shots as possible like last time. It was an enjoyable night. One of !llminds artist “King Z3us” showed up as well. I was slightly nervous to be filming thinking he may be irritated to have the camera pointed at him, especially with the bright light I had. But I continued doing my job and got all the footage I could. The night went on and before I knew it the night was over.

At the end of the set I told !llmind we should do a signing out kind of video. Basically just a video saying thank you for coming out and being apart of this amazing experience. So we went outside and I got my camera ready. It was still a dark shot and there would be too much noise when I would raise the ISO which I didn’t want . But I shot it anyway. It upset me because I know he has a 60,000 plus fan base probably even more. I didn’t want to put out unprofessional work but for the moment thats what it had to be.

We made our partings. I went home and the A&R Atlas texted me and said he wanted me to do the edit because the other intern who did it before was busy on another project. I was surprised! I knew I had the ability but yet again I was nervous because I want to produce professional work. I immediately responded and said I would. I wondered how I would pull off a nice 45 second party video recap. I then remembered the video the other intern did. It didn’t seem all that entertaining to me. It should be a video that should grab the audience and make them want to come to the next party.

So I thought and figured that I needed some good music which the last clip didn’t have. I didn’t want to download any music off the internet and cause any copyright issues. So I decided, I am a music producer myself so I’ll make the music for the video. So I took some time to make the music and I came up with something I was very pleased with. I placed the instrumental into Adobe Premiere Pro and sifted through all the footage I thought was useable. I edited the video to the rhythm of the music which makes things very easy for me. I worked very hard putting together a video I thought would appeal to !llmind’s audience.

I uploaded the video onto the dropbox I share with !llmind and Atlas. The next day I went into the studio they were amazed with the work I provided. They couldn’t believe that was my music. They thought it was something I found on the internet. I’m glad I got the opportunity to work on that video. It opened many more doors.

Week 3 – #8020party

So I’m still learning the ropes of this new experience and being a videographer. !LLMIND and Atlas told me about an even they will be hosting and I’ll be meeting some of the other interns as well. The event is called #8020party. This will be their first one. !LLMIND will be DJing the party playing some old and new hits of his and some popular songs to start off his set.

They tell me to meet them at No Malice Palace. I get there kind of early and meet up with some of the new videographers. We’re all setting up our equipment.I take out my stabilizer, camera, light and microphone. They all loved the stabilizer.  Then we begin talking about video stuff and past projects everyone has worked on. One guy is pretty seasoned just coming back from a music video project in Africa. He’s here because he thought it would be a good opportunity and experience. I begin to test my camera out. Now unfortunately like the studio it’s very dark. And I try to do everything I can to make lighting better. But, like before theres too much digital noise. I’m going to have to use my very bright annoying light.

!LLMIND and Atlas get to the club and everyone goes to greet them. We all go to the back and introduce each other. A conversation about music started and where it’s heading in the future. The seasoned videographer picks up his camera up and begins to film him. I feel late on the uptake. Should I film this too? (I say in my head.) I start filming to get some footage. More people begin to show up. I go around trying to get some b-role. !LLMIND has another DJ on his team. His name was DJ Prince. More people begin to arrive.  The party started around 9 and ended  around 1 am. I get a lot of good footage. Now I didn’t know how this all would work at the end. Atlas told me to send my footage to the seasoned videographer and he would edit the footage. I was glad because I wasn’t entirely sure of my ability and didn’t want to mess things up since he is a celebrity producer. Well until the next party.

Week 2 – 8 Hours Standing

So it’s my first time going to film at the studio. I’m expecting to see a luxury building. The entrance is in a backstreet area of Brooklyn. You would never know who’s here. Which I believe is the purpose. So I go inside and have my camera and gear all ready. Atlas greets me with a “What’s up!” And begins to tell me what to do. My job is to basically catch as much footage as possible of what !LLMIND is doing. It could be making beats, conversations in the studio, and be ready when an artist or special guest comes in the door. It’s almost like reality tv show without all the drama.

The footage is used for his website and social media. He also told me what not to do. I am not here for music, video strictly. In the past they had someone who was not doing their job efficiently.  He would book the sound rooms making beats and recording stuff. They had to let him go. I told him no problem I have my own studio at home and ready to work on video.

I began to get my gear together. I placed my mic on top of my camera and my camera on top of my stabilizer. I was ready to go. It’s time to begin my 8 hour stay. Here we go, I opened the door to studio A. !LLMIND was inside working on a new beat. I couldn’t believe I was in the presence of an amazing producer. I am now basically getting the chance to see how a professional makes beats for free. Which is basically a tutorial that would cost a couple hundred dollars.

He stood up and gave me a dap. Mind you, the environment is very relaxed. I can wear what I want. He ran down what Atlas told me and sat back down and got to work. Now I try to use my camera but he keeps the it in the studio. I wasn’t sure how to go about trying to get more light in the shot. I raised the ISO and brought down the shutter speed. I opened the aperture as music as I could. Which my lens at the time reached only an f stop of 4.8. Now the shot had too much noise with the high ISO but then no light when it was lowered.

I got my light out of my bag. Now that light was a very bright LED light that ruined the ambiance of the room. The room was dark but was lit with a spinning party light, two computer monitors and a fake palm tree. At first I didn’t understand what could be done to make the shot better with the lens I had. But for that day I used my annoying bright light.

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