So I’m still learning the ropes of this new experience and being a videographer. !LLMIND and Atlas told me about an even they will be hosting and I’ll be meeting some of the other interns as well. The event is called #8020party. This will be their first one. !LLMIND will be DJing the party playing some old and new hits of his and some popular songs to start off his set.

They tell me to meet them at No Malice Palace. I get there kind of early and meet up with some of the new videographers. We’re all setting up our equipment.I take out my stabilizer, camera, light and microphone. They all loved the stabilizer.  Then we begin talking about video stuff and past projects everyone has worked on. One guy is pretty seasoned just coming back from a music video project in Africa. He’s here because he thought it would be a good opportunity and experience. I begin to test my camera out. Now unfortunately like the studio it’s very dark. And I try to do everything I can to make lighting better. But, like before theres too much digital noise. I’m going to have to use my very bright annoying light.

!LLMIND and Atlas get to the club and everyone goes to greet them. We all go to the back and introduce each other. A conversation about music started and where it’s heading in the future. The seasoned videographer picks up his camera up and begins to film him. I feel late on the uptake. Should I film this too? (I say in my head.) I start filming to get some footage. More people begin to show up. I go around trying to get some b-role. !LLMIND has another DJ on his team. His name was DJ Prince. More people begin to arrive.  The party started around 9 and ended  around 1 am. I get a lot of good footage. Now I didn’t know how this all would work at the end. Atlas told me to send my footage to the seasoned videographer and he would edit the footage. I was glad because I wasn’t entirely sure of my ability and didn’t want to mess things up since he is a celebrity producer. Well until the next party.