The second #8020party I was there with not as many interns as before. The night went well. I did my best to take as many great shots as possible like last time. It was an enjoyable night. One of !llminds artist “King Z3us” showed up as well. I was slightly nervous to be filming thinking he may be irritated to have the camera pointed at him, especially with the bright light I had. But I continued doing my job and got all the footage I could. The night went on and before I knew it the night was over.

At the end of the set I told !llmind we should do a signing out kind of video. Basically just a video saying thank you for coming out and being apart of this amazing experience. So we went outside and I got my camera ready. It was still a dark shot and there would be too much noise when I would raise the ISO which I didn’t want . But I shot it anyway. It upset me because I know he has a 60,000 plus fan base probably even more. I didn’t want to put out unprofessional work but for the moment thats what it had to be.

We made our partings. I went home and the A&R Atlas texted me and said he wanted me to do the edit because the other intern who did it before was busy on another project. I was surprised! I knew I had the ability but yet again I was nervous because I want to produce professional work. I immediately responded and said I would. I wondered how I would pull off a nice 45 second party video recap. I then remembered the video the other intern did. It didn’t seem all that entertaining to me. It should be a video that should grab the audience and make them want to come to the next party.

So I thought and figured that I needed some good music which the last clip didn’t have. I didn’t want to download any music off the internet and cause any copyright issues. So I decided, I am a music producer myself so I’ll make the music for the video. So I took some time to make the music and I came up with something I was very pleased with. I placed the instrumental into Adobe Premiere Pro and sifted through all the footage I thought was useable. I edited the video to the rhythm of the music which makes things very easy for me. I worked very hard putting together a video I thought would appeal to !llmind’s audience.

I uploaded the video onto the dropbox I share with !llmind and Atlas. The next day I went into the studio they were amazed with the work I provided. They couldn’t believe that was my music. They thought it was something I found on the internet. I’m glad I got the opportunity to work on that video. It opened many more doors.