!LLMIND and Atlas told me an event was coming up where one of the artist (King Z3us) was going to perform at the Youtube studio. It was on the same day I go in to record !llmind in the studio. They wanted me to shoot the day and make a quick recap video of what happened. When I came in they were getting ready to leave. I decided to shoot with !llminds camera a Canon Rebel T6i. I also used  his lens. I really wanted to see the difference it made using his equipment instead of mine. There was clearly a big difference and it made me realize I needed an upgrade.
I turned on the camera and we walked out. I started filming and following everyone out to the car. We got in and took a ride to Manhattan around Chelsea. We got there pretty early so we went to get some food in Chelsea market. Upstairs there is the YouTube studio we will be heading to. As we sat and ate they were still amazed with the video I presented to them, especially the music.
Afterwards, we headed to what appeared to be an elevator that was especially made for YouTube. We get on the elevator and when we come out I was amazed. There was a front desk with some snacks on it. The main feature of the room was the stage with a huge screen behind it showing the artist who would be performing for the night. There were large stairs that people could sit on facing the stage which was pretty cool. They took us back stage where there was a smorgasbord of sandwiches, beverages and snacks. I couldn’t wait to dig in! I thought this had to be the best internship ever, going to an event like this.  So I made sure to get all the behind the scenes footage I could. It was time to take a break so I ate. Soon the show was ready to start and there were other artist well known also going to perform.
My main job was to get the footage of !llmind’s artist King Z3us. But since I had extra space on my SD card I also got footage of the other artist. I used !llmind’s camera to film along with his lens. Everything came out a lot clearer than with my lens. I learned it was because of the f stop. My lens lowest f stop was 5.6 but this lens that I was using was 2.8. I was able to get a much clearer brighter shot in low light situations. So I came to the conclusion at the end of the night I needed a new lens if I were to continue this videography position.