It was time for the next #8020party and I still did not have the lens I needed. I did some research on what would be best to purchase. I watched a lot of YouTube videos describing different lenses. The 50 millimeter lens seemed to be the best choice. It was a prime lens which means it doesn’t have a zoom function. However, it had a 1.8 f stop, ¬†which meant the aperture could open up a lot more taking in more light.

After I had done my research I made my decision. I was going to get a 50 millimeter lens. I began to save up. Best Buy was the store of choice for a good price.It was only one hundred and fifty. There are more expensive versions of the same lens but from doing my research they said it really didn’t matter.

The Tuesday before the next #8030party Atlas and !LLMIND told me about having some additives to the party to make it more exciting for the fans. They wanted to get a stop and repeat so the fans could take pictures in front of it. Also they wanted #8020party T-shirts. The font that I used for the video they wanted on the shirts. Girls would wear it and take pictures with the fans in front of the stop and repeat. For a final touch they ordered some muffins.

I set up the font for print. By thursday everything was set. They had a back  drop stop and repeat. I took photos and video that night. It was amazing. Everyone was having a great time.