King Z3us is one of !llmind’s up and coming rappers. He has a great sound. He had recently dropped a single called “Pistol Whip.” Atlas told me Z3us had an interview coming up with a podcast station and I should be there to get some BTS (behind the scenes) footage. I definitely said yes. He gave me King Z3us’s information and the location of the interview spot in Manhattan.

I make it to the place where we were to meet. We talk a little bit and tells me he’s glad that I came out. His brother soon arrives. We then go inside. We meet these two women. One of them has the microphones and laptop all set up. The other woman had her camera rolling for footage like me. We all greeted each other and began the interview. She asked him about how he started his music career. Also he mentioned that he’s working on a new project called “The Chris Ferg Project.” While making this project he wants to get a lot of the making of footage for his fans to see. That is the reason why I’m there.

At the end of the interview they took pictures and it was great. We left and I learned that King Z3us was a really cool guy.