So one day as I’m working on projects for school Atlas gives me a call and tells me King Z3us has a show at Webster Hall. Also that Young M.A. is going to be there performing. I was excited! My videographer skills continued to grow and were leading me to more opportunities. Young M.A. is celebrity status now and I knew getting that footage would be beneficial to my YouTube channel. !llmind and Atlas were out in California working on record deals with some big labels so they weren’t going to be there.

The day came for the event and I made my way to Webster Hall. I got there early and went inside. It was an event called “Drop the Guns, Pick up the Mic.” It was an event to end gun violence. I got a text from King Z3us and his manager telling me that they were outside. I went outside and met them. I greeted King Z3us, his manger and his friends. Among his friends was one guy by the name of Jean Elie. We talked outside for a bit. He told me he was an actor and was in need of a videographer. He had an event coming up the next week called Urbanworld Film Festival 2016. He was premiering a film he had been working on.

It was time to go in. There was a large crowd inside it was amazing. After some a number of artist went up to perform soon came King Z3us’s turn to perform. I wanted to get multiple shots different angles. So I stayed within the crowd for some shots then I got on the stage to get some shots from behind. It looked really amazing. The 50mm lens was really doing a great job. After King Z3us’s set some more artist went. At the end of the night the last artist to perform was featured artist Young M.A. I was amazed to get the chance to film her performance. I was another great gig.