!llmind’s Birthday had come up and he wanted to have a big event at the Knitting Factory where a bunch of artist performed. So there were a lot of artist there. They may not have been the top tier big names but they were well known and entertaining. That night !llmind and Atlas wanted me to film. I was prepared. I had my new lens and I didn’t need that annoying bright light that everyone would lift there hands up to block.

When I arrived at the event it was packed. There were a lot of fans that came out to support that night. I set my camera up and placed on the new lens. The adjustments were made to film in that setting. I couldn’t believe how clear and sharp the image was. I knew that when it was time for me to edit I would be very pleased with all of my work.

!llmind came out to start it off and let the fans here some new work. Then after his set there were number of others artist ready to take the stage. I filmed each of the artist sets. Especially AraabMuzik who has an amazing skill with the MPC. That night was amazing. The video below was a promo for the party and King Z3us also one of the artist that performed Ryan Mitchell Gray.