Jean Elie told me to meet him in the city by Madame Tusssauds. The movie theatre right next to it is where the event was being held. Once I got there I went inside the movie theatre. Once I got to the floor of the event I saw Jean greeting people and directing them to the theatre where his film was to be showing. I made my way to Jean and he gave me my ticket. He then discussed with me the kind of shots he wanted and what he wanted me to do.

I went inside the theatre and set up my camera equipment. They had a small talk in the beginning about how everything will operate before they start showing the films. These were short films that had deep meaning to them. I made sure to get some footage of the audience applauding. After all of these films were shown they turned on the lights and called up the directors and actors in the films for a questioning panel.


They all talked about their films and afterwards Jean Elie went out to walk the red carpet and get interviewed by different channels. It was really amazing to be apart of and actually go to a film festival. I had never been to one before and it had given me inspiration to create my own films.