This internship helped me discover certain things that didn’t make sense to me while I had the class. I learned how to use the aperture and how different lenses have different f stops. I finally had the cash to get the lens I needed. I went to Best Buy to purchase the lens. I had my camera with me and couldn’t wait to try it out.

I had a friend with me that day as well. Soon as I left Best Buy I opened the box and attached the lens right away. I knew I wasn’t going to see how well it worked in low-light conditions just then. But, I still wanted to see how different the shots looked anyway. It took some getting used to because it was a prime lens and I couldn’t zoom in or out. I had to physically move myself away or closer to the subject.

I took a couple of shots of my friend. I was amazed at how the shots looked. I couldn’t wait to take it out to the next even. I felt so professional. My footage is going to look professional.  Canon 50mm Lens