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Court Observation

First I was thinking to going to The Supreme Court in Queens County but I ended up going to Kings County Supreme Court. I. Reached in court by 10:25. By entering there was security guard standing in front checking everybody I.D he was really helpful. He told me the cases on Friday were only going on 9th floor for matrimonial cases and couple of civil cases in 4th and 7th floors. After going through a security check I took elevator to 4th floor and looked on the sheets that were posted outside the hall and one of the case was starting around 10.45. I was lucky enough to able to hear the hearing of a landlord and tenant court, Final testimony from defendant was going on in court that day regarding the case. It was really thrilling to hear questioning back and forth between defendant and Lawyer. It was really great and informative. It was an interesting assignment.

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‘Revenge Porn’ Law Finally Passes in New York

Great news came from Albany over the last week on Thursday February/28/2019. New York Law maker passed a bill to outlaw ‘Revenge Porn’.

The bill passage was long awaited and for many victims it was overdue.

What is Revenge porn?

Revenge porn is nonconsensual sharing of sexually explicit photos or videos. It is a really potent weapon against victims.

Before the passage of law in New York victims of revenge porn were helpless from years. Prosecutors were not able to charge offenders for the practice because it was not illegal and judges had to turn down appeals for the help on the ground of free speech First amendment Rights.

One of the victims Carrie Goldberg was also denied relief because family court judge told her that she had First Amendment Problem.

Minor or teenagers also do not have immunity from this law. Teenagers and minors will be prosecuted in family court due to (Juvenile Delinquency). Critics are worried that teenagers could go to jail. Due to being minor and tried in family court they will be sent to Juvenile Correctional Center.

This law involving constitution the First amendment Rights. Bill would follow federal law in granting social media platform some immunity from financial liability, holding offender who posted the media responsible.

This bill including the First amendment right qualify to be challenged under the jurisdiction of federal court (under federal-question jurisdiction), that’s why this bill should also be passed under Federal law so victims are not only be safe in forty-one states but all-over United States.

Why EL Chapo Ended Up in a Brooklyn Court

Trial of the Mexican Drug kingpin is the biggest trial in United States history.


Why Brooklyn: El Chapo was indicted in New York in 2009 on charges stemming from a series of drug related contract killing in Queens in 1993. The seat of Federal court district that also includes Queen is in Brooklyn. As stated in New York Times Article.


Explained Reason why El Chapo ended in Brooklyn:

When EL Chapo was indicted in New York in 2009 for drug related murder in 1993 which happened in the Queens.

US District Court (Eastern District OF NY) (EDNY)= Have its jurisdiction on Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island. If there is an issue arising under federal law under the jurisdiction of EDNY that issue will be reported to this district court. As arresting of El Chapo was big issue and he was on a run and EDNY had issued warrant for his arrest that is why he was presented in the federal court in Brooklyn.


Vishal Mohan

Who Am I

Greetings! My name is Vishal Mohan.

I am majoring in Law and Paralegal studies. My destination in my career would have to be an asset to New York State Court of Appeals. But it have to start from somewhere so the starting point will have to be Nassau county court. I have been gravitated towards law since a younger age because of my father being an attorney. My father had a really great impact on my life.

The power, motivation and the mental support the attorneys provide to their client is beyond imagination. The satisfaction I used to get to see someone I know helping people in their hard time is one I cannot describe it in words. This is my second semester I am a freshman.

A little bit about more about myself. I have completed my associated in business management in accounting. Looking forward to what my future beholds.

Thank you!