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This Summer, Mentorship Summit, National Trans Bar Association

Mentorship Summit

Over the summer the National Trans Bar Association will be kicking off a three (3) day mentorship summit geared towards attorneys and law students who are transgender (all variants of binary and non-binary genders). The summit is mostly geared towards upper level students and practicing attorneys. But given the intimacy and size of the community i’m sure undergrads will be welcome to. Also, all transgender students, are welcome to sign up for student membership via the website. The web domain is and is accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Also there is a Trans Rights summit in Washington, DC on May 9. Details are also on the website. Feel free to share with any law students you may know that are transgender.

Aside from the one who’s posting this and already a member. 🙂

Kristen Browde sworn in as the president of the LGBTQ Bar Association of Greater New York

Kristen Prata Browde being sworn in by Paul G. Feinman

Kristen Prata Browde, founder and board member of the National Trans Bar Association, was sworn in this Monday as the new and current president of the LGBTQ Bar Association of Greater NY. Of course , it was only fitting, she was sworn in by Justice Paul G. Feinman, as he was not only a previous president of the LGBTQ bar of Greater NY, but the first openly gay justice sworn in to the NY State Court of Appeals.

Denim Day 2019 is This Week..

Denim Day 2018

I hope everyone is having a great holiday week

The call to action against sexual assault and violence continues. Tomorrow I will be taking to the steps of Staten Island borough hall yet again as the rally begins here tomorrow morning.

I also plan to be present at the city wide rally on Wednesday, as I also was last year, as Latisha James rallied for more supports for sexual assault survivors in the public schools

I invite everyone here to me. At either or both rallies

Ooooohhhhh .. I forgot I had these pictures from my trip up to Rochester ..

Appellate Division Fourth Department Rochester County

Loyal Litigants … I present to you the Appellate Division Fourth Department in Rochester:) I was so enamored to be staying up the street from it, I just had to snap shots of it. For those who want to . Sitting at the corner of E. Main and N. Chestnut. No i’m not making that up. As far as Rochester, just imagine somewhere between the personalities of Brooklyn and Albany but with less of a manic / overpopulated feel. And actually for those who went up to Albany; Rochester is a pretty progressive and ethnically diverse are inheriting it’s politics from more North of the Border.

That being said if you’re taking a passenger train or aircraft then prepare to be carded. Border Patrol and Homeland Security are super present up there since #45 took office.

M. Delores Denman Courthouse

Like the old expression goes Quiz Today, Court Draft on Wednesday.

Early to bed, early to class allows Abby to kick some...

OK m. Maybe not an old expression. Like it was from way back at 8am this morning  Anyway don’t forget the Quiz is at the begining of class today . Focus on 4,5,8, and 12. I recommend also giving  some attention to 9 as well to be on the safe side.

Also get those court memorandum drafts tied up. According to the class memo they’re due on Wednesday…

Guess what today’s after-school special is..

Gender and Sexuality Roundtable

Why the N.R.A. Opposes New Domestic Abuse Legislation by Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Why the N.R.A. Opposes New Domestic Abuse Legislation

Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Long has the NRA fought to keep guns in circulation, many times making the most irrational arguments imaginable. In this prolific piece, Sheryl Stolberg attempts to isolate their latest attempts, fighting the renewal of the revised VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) as it once again attempts to close the boyfriend loophole. Which essentially is a gap in the DV sections of VAWA that allow perpetrators of violence and stalking to still be able to posses a firearm if there is no formal relationship between partners (e.g. fiance, spouse). The current rendition of the VAWA which redefines that no formal nor any relationship be required for the law to be applied. The perpetrator simply needs to be convicted Sheryl Stolberg rightfully points out that the NRA’s core argument that the revision means it can be applied to any trivial act is ridiculous, since the law requires the person be convicted of stalking. Certainly something one or two simple texts, without other prior conduct, will not get you convicted for stalking. Stolberg justly summarizes the article by pointing out even in likely Republican allies such as Trump, Pence, and Lindsey Graham are increasingly behind red flag laws which apprehend firearms for those convicted of partner violence. Highlighting the unpopularity of the NRA’s opinion.

In my honest opinion the NRA needs to back down on this one. It’s need to challenge every single gun control law regardless of how sensible the law is has gone from laughable to downright offensive. This latest objection is just a demonstration of how contemptuous they’re rhetoric can get. As a victim of multiple forms of violence in my youth  and partner violence in my adulthood, I take offense to the NRA’s attempt to humanize the 2nd amendment rights of violent perpetrators. Not just personally., but socially and ethically. The position is both irreprehensible and irredeemable. At what point do we say enough is enough. Do we defend the rights of convicted serial killers to posses firearms in prison. Regardless of my feelings about neoconservative politics. I am glad the right has seen its way to steering clear of this train wreck. I am also glad Stolberg took on this topic and highlighted the right-wing who currently support adverse policies.


Yayy.. They fixed the pool area at LA Fitness.

Swim Time

Hope everyone had a good day off. Going for a swim and then to settle down to do Wednesday’s Summons assignment  Don’t forget 4/10 is deadline for the draft  Hint   I’m doing a new news review soon

not meaning to pressure everyone. Buttt…

There are a lot of write in positions for the student government .I’m not going to say whom but I wrote in a few names. For. Senator, there’s also an opening for a chief Justice  Would appreciate if people could write my name in for Student Government Senator of Accessibility. For obvious reasons, accessibility is my thing, so it makes sense.

Don’t forget to vote!!!

Think I’m the first to submit my assignment in Coughlin’s box, posted the No Class sign on the door, and now it’s time to vote. Today’s the day to vote for Student Government  Let’s get out there

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