Daniel Singh – Assignment (Inspiration: Tim Wallace)

Tim Wallace is a world class photographer perhaps best known for his captures of transportation mediums.  He brings personality to these inanimate objects by gathering a deeper understanding of their design process, and the purpose they serve.  Ultimately, this helps him decide how best to convey it’s message. I appreciate his attention to detail, especially the shots whose focus is on individual components of automobiles.  His choice of composition excels from the use of depth of field, tight cropping, various lighting techniques. For example, the first photo uses leading lines of the structure to point focus to the Aston Martin.  It is lit from above, the evidence being in the shadow of the pronounced body line that runs across the mid-line from rear quarter panel, through the door, into the front quarter panel.  There are many textures in this frame as well, from the clouds, to the tiled structure, the smooth body lines of the vehicle, and the grain of the gravel. The tight crop works well for the second photo as it shows the center most portion of the wheel, the matte black texture, the metallic of the red brake caliper, and the sheen of the cross-drilled rotor all working in harmoniously around the gold Porsche emblem. I love the mystery that is cast in the third photo, the subtle lighting helps to entice the eye.  If you are unfamiliar with the brand, McLaren, this entices you to want to see more, the car in its entire.

One thought on “Daniel Singh – Assignment (Inspiration: Tim Wallace)

  1. rmichals

    there is a video of Tim Wallace setting up a shoot. In it, he makes the point that when someone buys an expensive car, it is an emotional decision. You don’t buy these kinds of cars to drive to work or pick up groceries. it is not a practical decision. the photos of thee high end cars have to convey the emotion that the buyer is looking for. I think Wallace does a great job of that.


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