Daniel Singh – Assignment Due March 25 (Inspiration: Richard Foster)

I can see why high-end brands such as Tom Ford, Prada, Stella McCartney and Bottega have sought out Richard Foster’s photography services.  He has a keen eye for framing products so that the eye is immediately drawn to them.  The still-life work he has done with fragrance and cosmetics are exceptional.  The refraction effect used on these glass items is lovely. I love the use of this aesthetic, then combined with the shadows casted from an overhead light made for a most successful Charlotte Tilbury ad.  I can easily picture seeing this in a print campaign through fashion magazines. In the Piaget ad, it does  well in using lighting to layer the different textures, and invoke a bit of drama. This is also replicated in the Dalmore alcohol ad, who also features a pop of red for good measure.  Lastly, I appreciate the geometry found in the Tom Ford fragrance ads, which utilize a low camera angle and light manipulation make for a most striking hierarchy.  Richard Foster’s style would make you double take on a still-life of a half empty bottle of Robitussin.  I admire his work. — Did I mention he has short films?

1 thought on “Daniel Singh – Assignment Due March 25 (Inspiration: Richard Foster)

  1. rmichals

    the work is gorgeous. The question is what makes it so gorgeous? I think it is incredible attention to composition. Of course the reflection is controlled perfectly but it is the interlocking geometric shapes that make the Tom Ford perfume so amazing.


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