Richard Foster Inspiration (Kelvin Moncion)

Richard Foster used a style of light refraction, and colour, combined with a low angle camera. Foster uses certain angles to catch different geometric shapes in his photographs. For his glass photography he was an expert at catching the different light effects that the glass produced showing the beautiful rainbow effect on the surface.  His photographs are very infomercial-like, looks like something you would find on a television commercial or a magazine. The products which are the subjects are very crisp and you can see every edge and corner of it, there is no extra lighting or effects to the photographs, they are already well done in quality it is quite simple and has a certain aesthetic to it that is eye candy.

One thought on “Richard Foster Inspiration (Kelvin Moncion)

  1. rmichals

    Certainly foster is a commercial photographer working for top brands. But the photo are beautiful. and if yo think about it, he does a lot with a little. its the composition and play of shapes that makes the images like as you say “eye candy.”


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