Andrew Scrivani

The first image makes me want whatever it is that’s in the image, It looks amazing when you start noticing the blue berries that are in it, and the glazing on top of it makes it look more appetizing with how shining and fresh it looks. Like if you manage to get your hands on this now the glaze would still be melting in your hands and tasting fresh out the oven. The spoon in the image gives me the feeling that buying it in a store, you will see them pour the glaze on it as you buy it. It makes it feel like a moment that’s in slow motion and you don’t want to look away. You want to see the food finished right before your eyes. The way the camera focuses on the cake and the glaze on the corner really makes you appreciate it.

The background in this image is interesting to me because in most pictures with food they tend to take a picture from above the food to use the table as the background, but its usually in focus with the food but the colors, plates and food gets separated so that nothing gets mixed in with the other and the food is always the main focus. In this image and others that include an angle or a person and more in the background get focused out enough to focus on the food or drinks more. This one is my favorite because the man is being out of focus but his hand that is around the drink is in focus with the drink. It makes it feel like the man is handing me a drink to try at a bar. Its like if i was a customer just focusing my mind on the drink more than the one serving it. Kinda like  being hypnotized.

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  1. rmichals

    The first photo is interesting because it might just come off as messy but instead it looks delicious. the strong diagonal also helps it not look dull.

    Shallow depth of field is a major component of most food photography. This doesn’t mean the background is unimportant.


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