Inspiration of Andrew Scrivani


Throughout all of my semesters in photography, I’ve found that I enjoy photographing two main concepts. Portraits and food. I remember the first time I photographed food in my Photography 2 class in the spring, it was one of the best classes we ever had. It seemed like being able to make interesting compositions while eating brought out the human side of all the students in the class. Looking at Andrew Scrivani’s work I am memorized by the attention to detail and composition skills used in the photos. What makes food photography interesting is selling the the viewer the desire to eat or drink whatever your photographing. You’ll know you’ve reached your goal when even you find yourself wanting to eat it too. In the photo above, I was drawn to the feeling of wonder I got from looking at the bubbles of the beverage. It also made me feel a sense of mystery and intrigue because of the shallow depth of field, I was caught between wanting to drink it and wanting to stare at it all day. In Scrivani’s second photo, I’m drawn to the use of color and the complimenting background. The photo feels light and healthy with the background not clashing with the subject but adding to the ambiance. I also find it interesting that I don’t feel the same type of desire that a person might feel when looking at a photo of a Big Mac from McDonald’s or a Whopper from Burger King. Fast food advertising always seem so aggressive and demanding when promoting their items kind of playing on the idea that a consumer might feel less fulfilled by not eating that burger and fries. Scivani’s approach is more calm and inviting building a consumers interest in the food rather than playing on insecurities.


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