Marcel Christ and Greg Shapps

The first photograph we see is Marcel Christ photograph. Marcel Christ is a short film director and still life photographer.  The image that is shown is the one where milk is being poured into glass milk. The inside of the glass has milk in the form of a tree. The image is clean and interesting. The photographer used photoshopped to create that tree inside the glass. There is no way the photographer was able to develop that on the spot. The photographer tells the audience that milk is our life. To grow, we need healthy organic milk.

The second photograph is Gregg Shapps. He a Chicago Product, medical & Healthcare photographer.The image we see a hand, most likely a woman due to long thin fingers. She is dropping Rubik’s cubes inside full glass water.  What makes the shot interesting is that we can see clear blue water, almost like an ocean wave. The photographer uses photoshop as well to have a more vibrant color. Both photographers have different lighting used. Gregg Shapps image creates a shadow. Both images have a solid color background and use photoshop to create a better picture.

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