Inspiration- Philip Lorca-Dicorcia

The photograph that I chose of Philip Lorca-Dicorcia series is
Mike Vincetti, 24 years old, New York, New York. This photo shows a
man with long hair pointing out a light or maybe
showing the way to another person. The background
is perfectly working with the man style. Also, I like how
the man with long hair is the only one in the photo, because if there
were more people the photo would look busy (a lot of things going on)

In this photo the main light is on the left, giving a dramatic style
to the photo. The leather jacket and the left side of the man face look
really powerful (short light) giving him a mysterious look.
Another thing about this photo is the color of the sky. The color is
like an orange, which means that it’s almost night time or it could be
the sun rising.

One thought on “Inspiration- Philip Lorca-Dicorcia

  1. rmichals

    The light that runs along the edge of his face and jacket is lovely. The reason to work at dawn or dusk is not just that the light has pretty color but also because the light levels are more even so that you don’t get the glory contrast that you get when it night.


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