Inspiration: Leibovitz and Erizku

The two photos of celebrities are similar and different. First of all the two portraits are pregnant celebrities. Demi Moore by Annie Lebowitz and Beyonce by Awol Erizku. The difference between these two portraits is lighting. Demi Moore is using two lights one on top and another one at the right side of the frame. Annie just tried to focus on Demi because there are no background elements. The light does justice to the portrait and the positioning of the body grabs the attention of the viewer. However, the portrait was very controversial because Demi’s nude portrait for Vanity Fair made headlines because she was seven months pregnant.

In contrast, Beyonce ‘s pregnant portrait is using natural lighting. The light didn’t give a lot of contrast on the positioning of the body. The background of flowers is distracting to focus on the portrait.  Beyonce’s expression is also not the strongest compared to Demi because she is posing with the confidence. Beyonce’s expression is very thoughtful. Also, the green veil is distracting light which is hitting on the face. It could’ve been simpler like Demi Moore’s. However, they both are different photographers. Demi is standing and Beyonce is on her knees. Although Beyonce’s portrait was not so controversial than Demi Moore because of time periods. Erizku used a lot color in the portrait but Annie had the plain background to show the light and shadows on the portrait.

One thought on “Inspiration: Leibovitz and Erizku

  1. rmichals

    The lighting as you point out is very different in the two photos. Liebovitz used classic broad light. Erizku went for a low contrast even front light.


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