Pop those little suckers out!

Maternity photos are captivating and sweet, but celebrity maternity photoshoot people go crazy looking at it because to the audience it’s like it’s your own child. Their favorite celebrity gave birth to a 2.0 version of themselves.

These two photos of famous celebrities carrying their little ones had a huge impact through media channels to get to us audience that take in this content as something as a special moment. Anne Lebowitz who photograph Demi Moore’s maternity photo wanted to simply show off the baby bump while naked to make people aware that yes, she’s going to be a mom, but she’s still rebellious with an exceptional toned body figure. They’re little details that was incorporated in this shoot like how her hand were position so that Demi, could show off her “$$$$$$$” wedding ring. showing that she’s with child and a protector. To understand  how Annie photographed Demie is not over the top but also dramatic in a sense; here’s why I say this. Demi, is standing up  with the light source coming from the right giving her face a broad  lighting. The media channel outlet is a magazine cover ad for vanity fair that mostly targets woman.

Awol Erizku who photograph Beyonce maternity photo wanted to show off the flowers  as a concept of fertility and growth . They’re little details that was incorporated in this shoot like how there was a vail over her face to either show her purity, that she’s a virgo “The human nurturer” or just maybe to show that it’s not all about her and the main focus is her belly . To understand  how Awol photographed beyonce is not over the top but also a breath of freshness ; here’s why I say this. beyonce, sitting down surrounded by various flowers and green matter that depicts that she’s one with nature and she carries two human beings inside of her, this maybe telling us that beyonce see’s her self as mother nature in the flesh. The lighting of her is fairly hard to say but,  The media channel outlet was through social media since beyonce is known to secretly keep whats going one and then, spontaneously share amazing news that immediately creates this buzz all around. and it works for her..in media and marketing people don’t want to be enticed, or anticipation/ tease they want to see the product in the lime lights.

One thought on “Pop those little suckers out!

  1. rmichals

    haha. a couple of things. Demi Moore is certainly wearing an expensive ring but it is not on her ring finger signifying marriage but on her middle finger. Does that change your interpretation?

    I agree that the flowers all around Beyonce seem to have a message of earth mother/mother as nature. Something of a stereotype, no?


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