Inspiration: Annie Lebowitz & Awol Erizku

In these shots I see strong women who are proud to be mothers. Each of these shots has a unique feel which conveys what I see here. Annie Lebowitz and Awol Erizku’s maternity photos of Demi Moore and Beyoncé are both beautiful and impactful images.In both portraits they appear to be holding their babies as a sign of secuity and comfort. Lebowit’z portrait seems to show rembrandt with high contrast  in the image and it looks as if the light may be a bit diffused.

Awol Erizku’s portrait of Beyonce has a bunch of props compared to Annie Lebowitz photo. I guess the props along with Beyonce’s gesture are a sign of being nurturing and being protective. What really catches my eye is how the silk drapes is over her body especially when it is not covering when holding the baby.


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I have always been inspired by art from when I was a little kid to now. It really catches my attention. I seen art in many types of forms: cooking, music, graffiti, dancing, painting, and etc. There are unlimited possibilities of how art is expressed. It even sets a mood in motion for people to understand one another. That is why I want to be an artist. An artist’s salary is around $44,000 a year which is not bad since it is a field you would love to pursue in. You get to work in big open spaces like warehouses, studios in office buildings, and lofts. Most of the time artists work part-time which is kind of convenient for me because I have a job that is not related to this field but it could work well with my schedule.

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  1. rmichals

    The lighting style in the Demi Moore photo is broad light. Her head is shown in a 3/4 view. the light is falling on the side of the visible ear. and yes, Erizku used a lot of props!


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