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In today’s post I would be discussing Demi Moore and Beyoncé’s maternity photograph . Firstly, when you observe these two images, we clearly see difference in the styles of Annie Lebowitz (Demi Moore) and Awol Erizku (Beyoncé).

To begin, I would to like to confess that Annie Lebowitz is an artist that I follow and tediously study. Her style is rather quite simple and straight to the point however, she does to such great extent, that work becomes legendry. Annie tends to work with one to two lights. This makes her images very bold, and “constrasty” with a kiss of light. We can see her style reflected on Demi Moore’s maternity photography. The light was positioned in high- right, tilled down onto the subject. And if you look, the subject is position relativity close to a grey background. We then can see Demi looking up into the light, which can symbolise God’s gift to mankind, a child. She looking into the heavens as she proud and courage while she holds her womb. Despite the sheer simplicity of the setup, it accurately portrays ­the underlining message of the photograph; a new chapter in a woman’s life.

On the other hand, we have Beyoncé’s image taken by Awol Erizku. I’m going to rather frank but, I absolutely and positivity hate this image and the artist behind it. To me, Erizku’s work looks rather amateurish and all over the place. Most of the images are not sharp, not in focus, dull, oversaturated, undersaturated and completely makes no sense. It’s like a toddler with crayons drawing all over your wall. Looking at Beyoncé’s image it’s too simple. The flowers are distracting, your eyes go all over the place and it takes away from the experiencing the emotions and feeling a connection to the photograph. The light is just a simple 1:1 or 1:2 with no gradual effect or mood to the subject. Overall, a simple snapshot with nothing to connect to.




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  1. rmichals

    I couldn’t agree more. Interesting that you point out how close Demi Moore is to the background. It creates a bit of a shadow of Demi Moore’s stomach which normally I would hate but it does add a bit of contrast and bring more attention to her pregnancy.


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