Jamar Callender

Dawoud Bey, has an exceptional use of lighting and creating the scene for his models which were high school student. The way he uses his models to make his vision become a reality is by using what the models already has to offer. Dawoud, makes absolutely sure that the lighting of the subject face isn’t completely harsh and that it has an almost naturally look to it, given the fact that the natural feature each subject has is brought to light. He, also tries to incorporate their hand gestures to further enhance their poses and facial features to make it someone more intriguing. I see that simplicity goes a long way in photography and I personally can relate to his style because we have a somewhat complementary taste in photo, but i’m more into black and white photos. What I also see in his work is how each subject more in focused than, the background and their eyes immediately gazes into the camera which makes it that much more intimate for the viewer looking this photography.

Todays, class I will be using this inspiration to replicate his work while also incorporating my style in the photoshoot session. My subjects will use their eyes as a way to make it special feeling when viewer look at my piece.

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  1. rmichals

    Bey’s lighting technique is subtle. The pictures do not scream ARTIFICIAL. The light is nicely diffused and is just enough to bring our attention to each student’s face.

    Bey did a lot of black and white street photography particularly in Harlem. You might take a look at this work with your interest in b/w.


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