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For the next shoot to represent the half full half empty glass i was thinking about using three one glasses one empty one half full and one full to basically show the different point of views.


The poem “She Being Brand”  by E.E Cummings and “Coming Home” by Phillip Levine both use the metaphor of  driving . The poem by Cummings uses the metaphor to describe a first sexual experience. He implies that is like driving a brand new car for the first time.”-New ; abd you know consequently a little stiff i was careful of her…”

While in the poem by Levine he uses the metaphor of driving a car to separate him self to the outside world and the chaos happening by being in this car he is able to detach him self from  everything thats going on in Detroit this is shown when he saids “…Stare into your frozen eyes until the lights change and you go forward to work”.


For the E.E Cummings i was thinking about doing more of a dark low light sensual looking imagine. and for the P. Levine i was think about orange light to represent fire and chaos.


The two ad campaigns for Beats and Bose headphones both appeal to different audiences. The Beats ad is gear more towards a different target audience that been African American Male. The tone of the imagery is high contrast with close up shots of the face of the model on profile. The beats ad looks classy and made for someone with a more expensive taste. The beats ad is also more brand focus.  On the other hand the Bose ad campaign is more conceptual  and it uses low contrast muted images. The bose ad seems to be more effective when it comes to getting their concept across in a clever newer way.

Foursquare and Yelp

The yelp campaign uses a more funny approach by placing the people in different situations that in which case will convince  them to use their app to get them out of this horrible situations. I think this approach works really well in getting the audience to use their apps because no one would like to be stuck in any of those kind of situations. In the other had the foursquare advertisement is a bit more straight forward basically telling their audience that they can find anything according to their personal preference. Both Ads work well.

Razer Sharp/Fredelin Perez

Schick and Gillette both take a different approaches to accomplish the look and feel of their campaigns. Schick uses a more classic and conceptual approach to indicate the their brand embraces the trend of huge bushy  lumberjack bears. The Schicks ad draws attention to the well kept shaped bear, the ad accomplished this by using a soft over all tone and lighting. The position of the model is vertical exposing half of his body giving the whole campaign a more approachable and airy FEEL. On the opposite side we have the Gillette Ad which has a more straight forward approach. This Ad has high contrast and type all over, it also includes a product shot and a busy background. Unlike the schick Ad this ad targets a more athletic audience. Both ad work accordingly to their base consumers and also work affectedly for their branding.