Beats vs Bose

Beats and Bose are two leading brands of premium headphones. Both companies are famous for their over-the-ears wireless feature for consumers who are looking for a noise canceling quality.

Beats “Hear What You Want” campaign uses a profile shot of black athletes. The company specifically target black consumers who are interested in fashionable electronics. Each shot focuses on the sleek features of the headphones to show the brands model and logo. The models used for each image are disengaged from their viewers with a contemplative expression. The background for each image is either blurred or a neutral color, which is best for the product to be a focal point. This works for the campaign to support the quality of Beats products.

Bose’s Noise Canceling campaign uses a landscape shot of visual proof to represent noise level decreasing. The company specifically targets middle-aged adults who are interested in blocking atmospheric sounds. The images show a construction worker with a jackhammer, an active child and a playful dog. All three examples are relative in the same concept for each environmental ruckus. Each photo was taken in diffused light with soft shadows. This works best for the campaign to support Bose’s noise canceling feature.

One thought on “Beats vs Bose

  1. rmichals

    I find your observation that the Bose ad was taken in diffused light an interesting one. It makes sense if you think about the campaign as one where the promise of the brand is to be soothing and to reduce aggravation.


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