Beats and Bose

The message of Beat’s ad campaign is to promote the headphones by using famous athletes and using glamour shots of them wearing┬áthem as well. Beats decided to take close up profile shots of their subjects in order to show the product in different lightings.┬áJudging from the consistency in┬átheir choice of┬ámodels, its safe to say that their main target audience is the African American community in the age range of young men┬áto middle age men. The strength of┬áthe advertisement┬álies in the use of well known people during a time when they are still relevant, which hurts it in the long run.

The Bose ad campaign on the other hand relies on visual metaphors to get their message across. Their subjects are known for having one thing in common and that is being noisy.┬áEach subject was shot from the front and is well lit from being shot under diffused lighting. Their intended audience is people who are fed up with loud and are looking for a way to cancel those sounds. Bose’s ads were successful because of their clever message and relating to a larger audience.

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