Beats and Bose


The two famous brand Beats and Bose produces a headphones. Beats by Dr. Dre is owned by Apple Inc as of today. In this “Hear What  You Want” campaign ad is showing a black sport player as models. The photographer taken in profile view to show the Beats product. I believe the brand wants to showing the quality of how the product is designed. All models looks so serious and focused because of what headline is trying to say to their consumers. The audiences are for people who needs to stay focus physical activity.


Bose campaign is showing the places where we hear loud noises of something that distracts us. By this, the brand is trying to show the solution of what it can do by visually showing the shape of volume going down. They are targeting for those people who like to listen to their music in quite  places.

One thought on “Beats and Bose

  1. rmichals

    I would say even the most basic choice by Beats to go for celebrity endorsements compared to the conceptual approach by Bose signals very different brand positioning. The bold photography-tight shots, high contrast, etc-of the Beats ads is so different from the centered compositions shot in diffused lighting. Beats is going for daring and fashion while Bose is going for reassuring and reliable.


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