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Final Project Brief,


For my final project I want to shoot a series of images to accompany Beyonce’s Lemonade album. Aside from her lyrics the video album includes various monologues that give you some background as to what she is singing about. The entire album is about the struggles in her marriage but she ties it into african american culture and finding a man like your father because that is all you know. The album has various phases and ends in reconciliation.

2. My audience is definitely women of all ages, whether your father walked out on you or your husband was unfaithful or your relationship ended badly this album is for all of us.

3. My approach as of now is metaphorical. Im currently listening to the monologues and trying to find objects that I think will work well with the quotes.

4. I want my images to just be still life. I feel like not having to depend on a model will help also theres always a little more creativity and flexibility. Some of my objects will include antique hand mirrors, make up, toy dining room sets, and possibly cake toppers.

Lighting wise i was thinking 4:1 or 8:1. I want a really dark sultry feel to it.

she being Brand & Coming Home Detroit 1968

Summary: she being Brand is a poem about driving a new car. e.e. cummings describes the experience in a sexual way. The words he uses make you believe that he is talking about being with a women for the first time but the woman is a car. Coming Home Detroit is about the destruction one sees when driving through Detroit. From air pollution to street pollution.

Communication Problem: For this shoot the concept is shooting a toy car. Since it has to be 1 car for both pieces I have to find a way to make each photo specific to the writing.

Image Ideas: Shooting a 1964 red mustang. For she being Brand i wanted to take a dark close up shot where the red would look really bright and mysterious. For Coming Home Detroit I was thinking about shooting the car on plexiglass to get a nice reflection and maybe photoshopping fog.


Summary: This article is about the transition from normal farming to genetically engineered foods. In this article specifically the food thats being genetically engineered is potatoes. It talks about how farmers need to use chemicals and pesticides to grow the amount of food we need and those things can be really harmful. Genetical engineers are trying to find a way to manipulate the DNA of the potatoes so they can protect themselves from those chemicals.

Communication Problem: For The Botany of Desire should show the genetically engineered side. The Idaho add should be the complete opposite earth tones and bright. It should be what you naturally think about when you think about farms.

Image Ideas: Potato being injected with chemicals. Making the potatoes look huge like genetically engineered ones do.

Image Results: I was happy with my results. I was about to take a photo of a potato with a syringe on plexiglass to make with reflective. And for my Idaho I used a photo of a potato and added a farm background to it and made the potato look big.

Social Media Addiction

Summary: This article is about social media addiction and how the people who engineer apps like Facebook and Instagram work to make it addicting. We live in a world where people are slaves to their devices because of apps like Instagram. Social interaction went from talking to liking each others posts. The article states that FOMO or the fear of missing out is what makes social media addictive. Another thing that draws you in is the bright red icon that shows you the number of people who have mentioned or followed you or have liked a post. The color choice isn’t random. I for one have never been able to ignore the bright red bubble. Another thing would be that fact that clicking one post about something is going to lead you to 10 more similar posts that might interest you and in turn that takes another hour or two of trying to pry your eyes away.

Communication Problem: Taking a photo that is understandable at first glance. Showing the extremes of social media and addiction.

Image Ideas: Having a needle (fake covered one) taped to someones arm and the other end in a headphone jack while Instagram has its notifications open. A group of people on their phones surrounding a person with no phone who looks anxiously other their shoulders.

Health Care

When I researched health care photos I found that they are very generic. A lot of white and shades of blue. Most health care companies try to seem diverse so theres a lot of group photos of doctors and patients. Then theres photos of doctors treating patients like checking their blood pressure or measuring them. For elderly health care there are a lot of photos from nursing homes.

I think the biggest problem with these photos is how staged they are. Medical assistants with the perfect hair and a wide smile while they write on a clip board.

I think that making these photos a bit more spontaneous will definitely suit the companies better. Like maybe catching someone off guard while they’re writing.

Lower Manhattan Revival

Summary: This article is about the changes that Lower Manhattan has had since the terrorist attack of 9/11. After the tragedy and the destruction the city was faced with having all this space and not knowing how to honor all the people we lost and how to restore it back to its glory. Ultimately the World Trade Center went from a strictly work centered area to this new mecca full of rebirth whether its art, culture, business, or simply a place to feel connected to the ones we lost.

Communication Problem: The photos should communicate the change that the article is talking about. Instead of shots of the new building show the diversity of the area.
Image Ideas: rat’s eye sidewalk views, shots by the memorial, reflective shots of the buildings

Utility vs Utopia

This article discusses the different experiences College has to offer. Whether it is solely to prepare you to join the work force and take on a career or if it is to build your soul. While Utility U is an investment where the customer (student) is paying the consumer (university) to prepare them and give them the skills they need Utopia U shows you to find your own answers.
The images should communicate the vast difference between the two. The stuffy and conformed Utility U to the enlightening Utopia U.
For my images I chose to show students in a row solely focused on their computers and not their surroundings and then I shot 2 students deep in conversation on the steps.