Lower Manhattan Revival

Summary: This article is about the changes that Lower Manhattan has had since the terrorist attack of 9/11. After the tragedy and the destruction the city was faced with having all this space and not knowing how to honor all the people we lost and how to restore it back to its glory. Ultimately the World Trade Center went from a strictly work centered area to this new mecca full of rebirth whether its art, culture, business, or simply a place to feel connected to the ones we lost.

Communication Problem: The photos should communicate the change that the article is talking about. Instead of shots of the new building show the diversity of the area.
Image Ideas: rat’s eye sidewalk views, shots by the memorial, reflective shots of the buildings

1 thought on “Lower Manhattan Revival

  1. rmichals

    Please don’t forget to come back to the post after the assignment is done and add a results section.

    The photograph of the Oculus and the Freedom tower minus the lens flare is very dynamic. Certainly, these two structures are the heart of the new architecture. I would be be a little concerned if I were the editor electing the photo however about selecting a photo with an oblique angle in which the Freedom Tower might be thought to be falling.

    The other image is much quieter. the two boys in the front add visual interest and bring to the residential aspect of the neighborhood to mind.


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