Lower Manhattan Revival

After the Twin Towers fell, our world was torn apart but our country was brought together in a very different, strong and beautiful way. This article describes the look and feel about One World Trade Center, as well as what’s being built in the neighborhood of “the tallest building and most expensive building in the Western Hemisphere.” Jonathan O’Connell describes how they made the building safer by building a stronger foundation and reenforced building structure. He also explains how it’s going to be used and what the neighborhood should be expected to encompass. With apartments in and around the building, restaurants and stores by famous people, and a memorial museum, it’s expected to have a welcoming and lively feel. The images that should accompany the article should show how the area has come alive. It should have One Trade Center Rising from the ground up to show how our city stands tall. Or maybe it can have people coming together in love and remembrance.


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