Utility vs Utopia

This article discusses the different experiences College has to offer. Whether it is solely to prepare you to join the work force and take on a career or if it is to build your soul. While Utility U is an investment where the customer (student) is paying the consumer (university) to prepare them and give them the skills they need Utopia U shows you to find your own answers.
The images should communicate the vast difference between the two. The stuffy and conformed Utility U to the enlightening Utopia U.
For my images I chose to show students in a row solely focused on their computers and not their surroundings and then I shot 2 students deep in conversation on the steps.

One thought on “Utility vs Utopia

  1. rmichals

    You have a clear idea of the difference between the two ideas of college. How did it work out? A key part of these project briefs will be including something about the results.

    Also note that the customer and the consumer are more or less the same thing. You might call the University the service provider in the Utility model.


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