Final Project Brief,


For my final project I want to shoot a series of images to accompany Beyonce’s Lemonade album. Aside from her lyrics the video album includes various monologues that give you some background as to what she is singing about. The entire album is about the struggles in her marriage but she ties it into african american culture and finding a man like your father because that is all you know. The album has various phases and ends in reconciliation.

2. My audience is definitely women of all ages, whether your father walked out on you or your husband was unfaithful or your relationship ended badly this album is for all of us.

3. My approach as of now is metaphorical. Im currently listening to the monologues and trying to find objects that I think will work well with the quotes.

4. I want my images to just be still life. I feel like not having to depend on a model will help also theres always a little more creativity and flexibility. Some of my objects will include antique hand mirrors, make up, toy dining room sets, and possibly cake toppers.

Lighting wise i was thinking 4:1 or 8:1. I want a really dark sultry feel to it.

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