Final Project Brief


1: Summary: The article mainly illustrates the correlation between our brain and the fear that is emitted from horror movies. It conveys the idea that people like to be scared, as it is akin to a rollercoaster about to go down a huge drop. It is that rush, that excitement that stimulates people’s minds, and they can not get enough of it, even if they hate horror.

2: My audience would be teenagers to adults both male and female who like horror movies.

3: My approach would not be as metaphorical, so some shots may be, objects, while others may include models

4: Mainly still life, and some models as an alternative.

5: Models both male and female

6: My props would consist of objects

7: I’ll be using strobe lights to have high contrast.

8: This technique will allow me to get high contrast on my photos, dark shadows, ect.

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