Project Breif: Adopt Don’t Shop

Article: For Christmas This Year: Don’t Shop, Adopt!

  1. The mood in the article is serious and informative. Informing people why its better to adopt than shop during the holidays.
  2. My audience are people who do not have a pet and are looking to get one, and hopefully adopt one.
  3. My approach will be literal.
  4. I think i might want to use models in my images as well as having my dog alone. I think having a model will add on to the image, showing some love and compassion towards the dog.
  5. It can be a male or female model, having to be very happy, in a good mood.
  6. I will like to have some christmas decorations and some christmas clothes for my dog.
  7. I would like to use bright lighting. Maybe a 2:1 lighting ratio.

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