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When I researched health care photos I found that they are very generic. A lot of white and shades of blue. Most health care companies try to seem diverse so theres a lot of group photos of doctors and patients. Then theres photos of doctors treating patients like checking their blood pressure or measuring them. For elderly health care there are a lot of photos from nursing homes.

I think the biggest problem with these photos is how staged they are. Medical assistants with the perfect hair and a wide smile while they write on a clip board.

I think that making these photos a bit more spontaneous will definitely suit the companies better. Like maybe catching someone off guard while they’re writing.

1 thought on “Health Care

  1. rmichals

    Which companies did you look at? I would find it surprising if an ad aimed at the elderly would actually show a nursing home. I would expect an elderly couple walking on the beach or something like that. Nothing scary or depressing like a nursing home.

    a more spontaneous photo might appeal to a younger audience.


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