“she being brand” by e.e cummings is a poem about a man describing his experience driving his new car for the first time, which he metaphorically compares it to his sexual experience with a woman and being new could mean she’s a virgin.  By “having throughly oiled the universal/ joint tested my gas felt of her/ radiator made sure her springs were O./ K.)i went right to it flooded-the-carburetor cranked her,” the man make sure that he’ll be gentle with her as he doesn’t want to damage her on his first attempt. The tone of the poem seems that the speaker is excited about the ride as it says that “it was the first ride and believe I we was/ happy to see how nice and acted right up to/ the last minute coming back down.”


“Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” by Phillip Levine is a poem that has a dark tone that talks about a man driving home to Detroit, he witness the industrial negativity that has hit his hometown. Because “we burn this city every day,” we have damage the environment as “the charred faces, the eyes/ boarded up, the rubble of innards, the cry/ of wet smoke hanging in your throat,/ the twisted river stopped at the colour of iron.”


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