I have to say while really observing Rachel Ruysch Fruits and Insects I was reminded of many things one of them has to be the cycle of life. I love how she uses color and textures to show life and death in the flowers and fruit. Including insects really brought the paintings to life by showing movement and how their drawn to the fruits and dark shadows cast by fruits and flowers’. I really enjoy how Ruysch shows both life and death, by adding fresh ripped fruit vibrant colors and new life such as the eggs and small butterflies she shows the beginning of life as well as life as its peek I say that because the fruit is just right one more week and it will end up like the dead flowers. The way she displays death is very beautiful and sudden she used earth tones and soft strokes to paint the dead flowers to cast dark areas the style reminds me of romanticism using neoclassical colors .

Rene Membreno-Canales art I must say is very heavy handed and in your face. I never got the feeling that he was glorifying the food and showing life and death Canales wants to discus war and make you uncomfortable at the dinner table. I almost get the feeling of like how dare you be enjoying this wine and cheese while people are dying .the use of weapons of mass destruction shows that this is in no way suddel he wasn’t to make were aware of the hell hole he has gone through and it almost show to me that he used religion to get by with the use of wine, grapes, bread and brass cups in some of his pieces.

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  1. rmichals

    The Dutch still life paintings including those by Ruysch are maybe a little melancholy but there is also so much enjoyment in the beauty of nature. I agree that the Membreno-Canales photos are very heavy-handed. I am torn about whether this might be the only real response to war.


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