Window or Mirror?

Szarkowski’s Mirrors and Windows thesis in my own words mean that there are multiple ways of interpretation, but also how photos are created.

I consider both could be windows. The 2nd image with the daughter i believe can be seen as a window because, who knows if this situation might have happened to someone else, or to at least very similar to it so it could be  window. I also believe that it can be considered a mirror too. This photo also displays personal emotion displayed by the models inside of the set. With all of the pre chosen lighting and props that went along with it.

The 1st photo, the one with the shot of desert Suburbia is very likely a window view. There is no alteration to the image, nothing staged, and it just happened. Which makes it more of a mirror than the second image. Also the 1st image has a very high tones especially with the baby who is playing by the garage which is a very high contrast area compared to the 2nd image.

The depth of field for both images are very close in to extensive view. The viewpoint of both images are close to eye level but drifts slightly to higher and little below.  The 1st image has more negative space than the second one. Due to the second image being set up for the particular shot, unlike the first image which was shot on the fly.

So that is my opinion on the two images displayed.

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