Mirrors and Windows – Juan Losada

Mirror I consider is a photograph that reflects something that the artist wants to express such as emotions, feelings or something in particular. Window would be something that shows what is out there, what surrounds us such as a town, landscape, something that happens in our daily life. Gary Winogrand’s photograph is the window and Gregory Crewdson’s photograph is the mirror.  The mirror image you can tell that is setup it is all arranged and this gives us the idea that the artist wants to show and tell something, a story, a feeling. The window image is showing a kid just walking out of the garage something very common, a reality.

Winograd’s photograph is at a low level angle, deep space (creates some perspective) , sharp overall,has extensive depth of field, diffused lighting and is high contrast. Crewdson’s photograph is at eye level angle, deep space, sharp focused, side light, and extensive depth of field, you can see the distance between nearest and farthest sharp areas.

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