Professor Woolley | COMD3513 | HE75 SPRING22

Author: Emely Rivas

Mini Comic Ideas

6 Different story Ideas:

  1. A kid finds a monster in his closet but the one he finds is friendly and he protects him from the evil ones under his bed.
  2. A romance between the King of the Jungle and a Cheetah
  3. A Tsunami submerged an island but its habitants find a way to get across the ocean but there’s a mysterious creature lurking out there.
  4. The adventures of a flea and a stray dog in NYC.
  5. A kid who does the impossible to not let the report card land in his dad’s hands.
  6. A girl who can see ghosts and she is trying to keep it a secret so she doesn鈥檛 get bullied at school.

Emely’s Comic Reading

Ms. Marvel NO NORMAL by Wilson & Alphona Herring

I would say it’s actually the first time a read I full comic book, I used to look at the images at libraries but never actually finished one. The comic book I read is Ms.Marvel NO NORMAL by Wilson and Alphona Herring, it was quite interesting to read. I actually enjoyed reading it that I’m looking forward to get the second book. The comic is about聽a muslim girl named Kamala that grew up in jersey,聽 she’s very passionate about marvel superheroes and her dream is to become like captain marvel. One day after sneaking out to a party , a few minutes after the party a chemical invades the city. Kamala on her way home she starts getting dizzy and faints.聽 She wakes up and sees Iron man, Captain America and Captain Marvel. Kamala tells captain marvel that she wants to be like her. They disappear and Kamala聽 transforms into this tall blonde girl with powers. Kamala sees her friend falling into a river and Kamala saves her with her huge hand and other people see it.

Next day in the news they talk about the new superhero in town that looks like captain marvel. Kamala seems to have trouble controlling her powers of getting big hands and changing faces and she works on controlling them. She fights with gangsters and live robots and starts saving other peoples life without revealing her identity only to her best friend bruno. Her parents seems to see disappointment on her but she can’t tell them what’s actually happening and why she’s sneaking out.

The authors message in this comic is about friendship, culture and religion. An American girl raised by immigrant parents, who struggles with the parents culture and the cultures she was raised in. The artists uses a variety of panel sizes and different point of view. The comic’s reading was easy to read and consisted of speech bubbles and captions to tell the story.  The craft is very clean and very detailed . I really liked the colors that were used and the drawing style of the artist.

This comic I would totally recommend it , it was very interesting to the point that I want to check the other volumes. It’s the first comic book that I get to read and actually enjoy it. The storyline it was a little bit different and new to other marvel comics. It’s about a new superhero who comes from a religious family and finds her way to be her new self and help others in danger.