Projected Schedule* 

Feb 03 | Week 1聽

Introduction: review academic policies, go over the syllabus, introduction to course topics.聽


  • What is Narrative Illustration?
  • What is Sequential Art? What is a Comic?
  • TIME as it relates to comics.

Homework 1: 1 Panel Cartoon. Due Week 2.


READ: Chapters 1 & 2 Understanding Comics

Feb 10 | Week 2聽

Critique: Homework 1


  • Traditional Comics Work Flow
  • Penciling /Inking / Scanning / Coloring / Lettering
  • The Comic Strip: Multi-Panel Storytelling聽

DEMO: Penciling Techniques

CRITIQUE GUIDE: Clarity, Story structure, Reading Order, Rhythm, Writing, Craft

Homework 2: Comic Strip (4-panel) Due Week 4 (IG Comic or “Sunday Funny” both accepted)

READ: Chapters 3 & 4 Understanding Comics聽

Feb 17 | Week 3

Critique HW2 Penciled Sketches.聽


  • Drawing techniques: Digital vs Traditional
  • All about INK

DEMO & ACTIVITY: Inking techniques: hands-on working with ink to build up texture, light, and volume.

*GUEST ARTIST VISIT* Comic Book Artist, Kenny Wong

Homework 2: Comic Strip (4-panel) Due Week 4

READ: Chapter 5 Understanding Comics聽

Feb 24 | Week 4

Critique HW2 DUE

DEMO: Scanning & Clean-Up


  • How to Read Comics
  • AutoBio & Memoir Comics

Homework 3: Autobiographical Comic (1-page) Due Week 7

READ: Chapter 5 Understanding Comics

READ: What is a Graphic Novel? – by Jessica Abel聽

Mar 3 | Week 5

Critique of Homework 3 work in progress


  • POV
  • Using Various Camera Angles and Shots to enhance the drama of your story
  • Wally Wood’s 22 panels (that always work!)

*GUEST ARTIST VISIT* Illustrator and Comics Pro, N. Steven Harris

Homework 3: Autobiographical Story ( Due Week 7)

READ: Choose 1 Graphic Novel from the AutoBio List to Examine. (Midterm Assignment Due Week 8)

*extra credit alert! *: Draw this in your style: Wally Wood’s 22 panels聽

Mar 10 | Week 6聽

Critique of HW3 work in progress


  • The Frozen Moment
  • Genres and Styles: Comics, Graphic Novels, Manga, Zines, Web / IG COMICS

Homework 3: Finish AutoBio Story

READ: Choose 1 Graphic Novel from the AutoBio List to Examine. (Midterm Assignment Due Week 8)聽

Mar 17 | Week 7

Critique of finished HW3 Autobiographical Story

Midterm Reading Assignment Presentations


  • The 5 W’s of Storytelling: Who, What, When Where, and Why?
  • Storytelling, Scripting, and Narrative Arcs

Homework 4: Mini Comic 4-8 pages. (Due Week 8. ) Part 1: The Script

READ: Chapter 6 Understanding Comics聽

Mar 24 | Week 8

Critique Work in Progress on HW4 Mini Comic


  • Character Design and Development

READ: Chapter 7 Understanding Comics聽

Homework 4: Mini Comic 4-8 pages. (Due Week 8. )

Mar 31 | Week 9

Critique Work in Progress on HW4 Mini Comic


  • Mini Comic Formats


READ: * Pick a Book from MOCCA to REVIEW! see below*聽

April 2-3, 2022 MoCCA Arts Festival

*extra credit alert! MoCCA Arts Festival Exhibitor Spotlight & Book Review!*聽

Apr 07 | Week 10


  • Web Comics & Digital Formats

*GUEST ARTIST VISIT* Author / Illustrator and Web Comics Pro, Rowan MacColl

Work on finalizing mini-comic聽

Apr 14 | Week 11

Critique of Mini Comics. Comics Swap!


  • What Makes a Great Cover?

Homework: Cover Design聽

READ: Chapter 8 Understanding Comics 


Apr 28 | Week 12


  • Coloring Comics: digital and traditional

DEMO: Digital Coloring

Homework: Continue work on Cover

READ: Chapter 9 Understanding Comics聽

May 5 | Week 13


  • Professional Graphic Novel Working Process

*GUEST SPEAKER* CUNY Research Scholar, Wilna Michel

Homework: Continue work on Cover聽

May 12 | Week 14聽


Printing & Publishing – where and how to do it. *GUEST SPEAKER* from Lawyers for the Arts

Homework: Continue work on Cover聽

May 19 | Week 15

Final Project & Peer Critique聽

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