Needed for this class

  • A camera or cameraphone
  • Lightroom Classic or Lightroom Photoshop App
  • A light source preferably a window during the day
  • If working with a light, tracing paper or other material to diffuse the light
  • A few simple food items such as a muffin, a bunch of grapes, a head of garlic, etc
  • some flat items to serve as background choices like a place mat, fabric, a baking tin, a cutting board.
  • White cards or computer paper

Review – Light Quality and Direction

Food Photography

Food photography – the art of making food look good for the camera – often:

  • uses interesting backgrounds to create a mood and compliment the food.

  • uses natural light. A window can be a great source of diffused light.
Andrew Scrivani at work. Photo by Robin De Clerc.
  • is shot from an overhead or a three-quarter angle of view

  • uses either back or side light (or something between those two.)

  • uses shallow depth of field to draw attention to specific characteristics of the food.

Compare and contrast

Lab Exercises

The Background Matters

Back and side light for food photography

Homework Assignment