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Lab: Week 2 – Angle of View

Find a subject. It could be a bridge, a dog or a person, a tree, a flower or something else altogether. (Try to stay away from street furniture.) Take a series of photos of that subject from different angles and with different cropping until you get two photos of the same subject that really look different.

The goal is to take two photographs of the same subject that are different in composition and mood. Make your subject look big in one and small in another, symmetrical and asymmetrical, cute and fierce, pretty and ugly, strong and delicate just with the crop and angle of view that you use.

Repeat for a minimum of 10 subjects. Select a range of subjects from huge such as a bridge to small such as a bee.

Once back in the classroom, download your photos and create an album in Flcikr with your final 10 pairs of photos.

Select the two photos of your most radically transformed subject and upload medium versions of them to a post on OpenLab with a description of the angles and other compositional devices you used to transform the subject.

Category: Lab: Week 2- Angle of View

Quiz 2

4 pts. Please put your photos and your written answers in a text file, convert to PDF, and email it to me:

Due: Dec 8, 9am.

Each question is worth 1 pt.

  1. Define depth of field in your own words. Take and include with your answer a photo that uses shallow depth of field without using either portrait mode or an app like Focos.
  2. State the difference between direct and diffused light. Take and include with your answer an example of each one.
  3. Broad and short light are two classic portrait styles. What makes them similar and what makes them different? Take and include a photo of each one in your response.

4. Compare and contrast these two portraits taken by Kris Nivaeh. Use at least 4 vocabulary terms from the class for full credit.

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