Working outside in bright sunlight, create two photographs of plants or flowers: one that is dark and moody and one that is light and bright and happy.

Find a plant that has different light levels falling on it. That means that part of it is in direct sun and part in shade. Light going through leaves is particularly fun to work with.

Find a frame where most of the scene is dark. Make it even darker with exposure compensation. On your cellphone, press the part of the scene in the light and that you want to be in focus. Then pull the little sun icon down to make the scene darker. If working with a camera, use negative exposure compensation to get the scene to be dark and moody. Create a low key photograph – meaning that most of the tones are darker than the mid tone. Reframe the scene to have more bright tones and adjusting the exposure, make a high key photograph – where most of the tones are brighter than the mid tone.

Find a second plant or flower that has different light levels and create a low key and a high key photo of that scene as well.

Make small JPGS of your results.

Put your four pictures in a post and describe how you got the different exposures. did you succeed in creating different moods of the same scene?

Category: Lab: Week 4 – Mood