LL 3-point Lighting CW

I like this photo I took of Muna because you can see broad light on her face while also seeing that key triangle in her eye as well for Rembrandt lighting.

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LL Shadow Portraits

I really like this photo I took of Darriana because of the great use of split lighting on her face. The lighting makes her seem as if she was a genuine model for a magazine and is something that stands out above the rest of my shadow photos.

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LL Painting with light

I really like this photo that I helped make(I made pacman) because it was my idea to try doing something fun and creative as pacman eating pellets. I’m just proud of how well the image of pacman came out despite limited knowledge of painting with light that early into the class.

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Light Painting

Like chose this image because I like the concept of this picture. It is easy to understand this picture like what is she doing. Isa took this picture and I did the light painting.

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Painting with light

In this photograph we used Christmas lights. The reason why I chose this photo because it looks like Maria holding an energetic ball and also look like a question mark. I like how the photographer made the model blurry and more focus on the lights. The model also show movement.


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LL 3

This is taken with side lighting. I believe this came out to be a very beautiful picture . The light compliments the yellow of the flower nicely. It also looks the sea anemone from finding nemo.

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LL 2

This is an oblique angle of a chair. Taken at eye level with overhead lighting and a blur in the background.

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What Makes A Great Photogragh -Avion Bailey

I believe a great photograph will would show how all parts of the image compliment each other. For example, if something is blurred in the background to make the foreground more noticeable. If you’re taking a low angle or high angle shot to exaggerate a subjects size. Using blur also to create movement. Each part of the image plays a certain role in communicating a message to the on-looker.

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Wtc Shadow

This picture shows low shadow and top light.

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class Chair

This is picture of a chair with shadows.


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