LL8 painting with light

I chose this photo because it looked very interesting to me, the light looks like it is chasing him while he's looking back and running away from it. the lighting looks very good, the way its diffused on his face you can see the most important thing clearly such as his expression. this photo also reminded me of the blurred and motion photos we did for homework. overall, even though this photo doesn't use a lot of the light painting to me it still tells a story.

I chose this photo because it interested me in a way. He looks like he is being chased by the  light, while he is looking back and trying to run away from it. Also, the light looks pretty good because of how it is diffused on mostly the right side of him, we can see his face expression which is also important.

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  1. rmichals says:

    Good interaction between the light and the model.

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